Saturday, 22 November 2014

Beauty And The Bow!

Hey Peeps! My goodness ... I'm getting so big! This baby needs to make an appearance soon, I'm literally running out of clothes to wear, and for someone who never wears the same outfit twice, it's getting bad :/ I had to go on a charity shop/ car boot sale raid for some new stuff, and boy did I find some goodies :) AND THEY FIT! So much happiness! My LBD is a great vintage find, and I teamed it with vintage striped leggings and pearls....and a statement bow in my hair of-course :) Are you guys craving some statement head pieces too? I can help ;) Check out the following link to PD ASOS Marketplace, we have some absolutely FAB stuff in! Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Pink And Black Attack!

Hey Peeps :) So, does anyone wanna guess what I did today? I went to a car boot sale! That's right guys, and can I just take a second to say how amazing they are! You absolutely never know what they are going to be selling ( and of-course I end up buying it all!). I wore this for our day out, my outfit consisted of Pretty Disturbia leggings, my 80's vintage top and my black Tuxedo Blazer ( a car boot sale find might I add!). I finished the outfit off with my statement pink bow in my hair :) So guys, I sincerely hope you have all had the best day possible, and honestly, car boot sales are KING! If any of you are after some pink threads too, check out the following link to PD ASOS Marketplace, you shall not be let down! May the fabulousness that is pink be with you :) Kisses from a pink follower, Leesa :) xxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Floral Appreciation Moment!

Hey there peeps :) Isn't it such a lovely day? I have a task for you guys today, forget any worries, ignore any trouble, and just be happy for one reason: because you can :) Are you up for seeing my ootd? Today I had a lovely family dinner in the eve, which meant a LOT of stunningly delicious Hungarian food ( nom!). The meal was prepared by my very talented and lovely mother :) My ensemble of the evening consisted of: A New Look floral dress, teamed with leggings, my much loved White Deichman loafers and * drum roll* my Diesel Jacket! Accessories consisted of a large Swarovski Crystal Brooch and a vintage 50's necklace ( which was a present)! A girl can never go wrong with two things: Crystal and Floral ;) Are you guys going through a floral addiction too? No worries my lovelies! Check out the following link to PD ASOS Marketplace and grab a floral piece: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Many Principles of Purple Pt 2!

Hey Peeps :) I've decided that I love purple so much I'm going to do a continuation of my last blog ( The Many Principles of Purple) :) Todays outfit consists of ANOTHER fab buy from COW Vintage in Manchester :) Costing  only £2.50, I snapped this fab jacket up asap :) I really heart this jacket :) I teamed it with a purple loose dress and a cute Pretty Disturbia Taffeta Bandana ( available in blue on ETSY and purple by request). That's my ootd and I hope you guys enjoyed it :) If you guys are having a bandana craving why not grab one at PD ASOS Marketplace at the following link: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Great Hawaiian Find!

Hey Peeps! So, I know I've gushed about how utterly and fabulously amazing COW is! The shop, not the animal... not that I have anything against the animal :P I went in there the other day, determined not to spend a lot, and I exited the store with a lot of lovely pieces that didn't break the bank :) My favourite is absolutely this fab little red hawaiian flower print dress ... for just £2.50! Why is life so perfect sometimes :) I wore it today with my cream Mac and my animal print flat shoes from Primark! Simple and colourful, definitely my style as well as comfortable :) Love it! I'm going to order you guys to rush down to COW asap! Or you'll simply miss out :( Or, if you guys are after hawaiian too, you just HAVE to check out the lovely new Hawaiian collection at the following link: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Back To Black!

Hey Peeps :) I missed you all :) Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and explain myself, because I'm sure a lot of you are thinking that what I'm wearing today does NOT look like my usual style ... and you're right, I never usually dress in all black, it's a tad boring for me, well , except for my vintage head scarf that I believe is THE statement piece of the outfit! I wore my tux jacket once again but this time I mixed things up with a bodycon grey vest and a sheer black slouchy tunic. Hmm, maybe tomorrow will be more colourful for me :P Don't get me wrong peeps, I love the colour black, it's simple, elegant and slimming, but I need a splash of colour too! If you guys are interested in shopping for a lovely black garment today, check out PD ASOS Markatplace, you will find something :) Here's the link my lovelies: Kisses from Leesa :) xxx

Monday, 10 November 2014

Prints of Perfection!

Hey there peeps! Those of you that read this blog will know that I love style and I do still stick to some of my favourite trends, including: Rockability, Nautical and of- course ... Animal Print! It brings out a funky side of you and gives you a sense of fabulousness! To create the ultimate animal print outfit, I teamed together an Animal Print dress with some high shine leggings and an over-sized black tuxedo jacket! Blazers are so great for pregnancy, I can't even say how much I love them recently! My shoes and bag are also animal print and are both from Primark! For those of you wanting to channel your inner Lioness or Tiger, check out the following link to PD ASOS Marketplace and look through our animal print selction, it's fab :) Happy Shopping :) Kisses from Leesa! :) xxx